As we begin our transition into Rebuild Lives and as part of my studies at UCF, my professor organizes a fundraiser each year to raise money for HIV positive adults children. Please help me reach this $100 goal for these great organizations.

HugMe is a clinic that specializes in HIV positive children that is now a part of the Children's Medical Services. It was started by Dr. Lamphrect who realize that this population was under served by the community. She started a clinic with the name of Help, Understand and Guide Me which became HugMe for short. The clinic provides medical services to children ages birth to 21 years of age. The money raised goes to provide special events for the children, their siblings and adult caregivers in an atmosphere devoid of discrimination.

Miracle of Love is an AIDS Service Organization that provides services to individuals who find themselves HIV positive. These services include such things as a food pantry, housing, clothing, medical services, transportation and HIV testing. Their offices are open to everyone, regardless of status. MOL has been in the Orlando area for approximately 15 years. This organization has been kind enough to help us with our fundraising by providing us with their IRS 501(c)3 designation.

You can donate here: