Emotional Support

First off, thank you for your support! The support has been phenomenal!

As of December 1st --  More than 75 schools and over 2,000 cards have been collected int his effort!

We continue to collect hand made cards from schools that would like to create a card to support families following Sandy. This is mainly an opportunity for us to allow the children to express themselves in hope to raise the spirits of those directly impacted by Sandy, especially for the purposes of this community effort, those at Seaside Heights, NJ.


Your cards can be supportive or festive, keep in mind of the many faiths that exist and if you choose to be festive, try to keep it in the holiday spirit as opposed to religious in nature.

  • Simply decorate a plain or colored 8x11 sheet of paper (folded in half like a greeting card) with your message of hope or support for those displaced families or emergency response workers.
  • It would be nice to include the child's FIRST name and either the town or state they live in on the card. This is to show those who receive the cards just how far the support is coming from.
  • Package all of the cards in one envelope, no larger than 11x8 (essentially a manila envelope)
  • TEACHERS: If you could enclose a contact email in it for you, I would appreciate it so I can contact you when we receive them and in the event someone wishes to respond to the card, I can pass along the message!

You can then mail cards to:

Rebuild Seaside

PO Box 551270
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355

Cards are being sorted and returned to be distributed in NJ.