2nd Annual Secret Santa


That's right, we are back and doing it again! Much has happened over the year and I am sure many families would welcome some kindness there way following what was most likely the worst year they have had. We did something great last year raising nearly $18,000 in gifts for the kids and their families and we aim to do better this year!

With the wonderful contacts and people I met over the last year, I am going to get a head start on the gift giving and look to see if we can beat it. I will be reaching out to the businesses who were lost in Seaside Park as well and try to locate the workers who no longer have jobs because of the fire. I would love to include them and their children in the gift giving this year.

If you haven't done so....make sure you SIGN UP HERE to be included in the Seaside Santa emails. It seemed to work out great that way. Amazon was very convenient last year so I will be using them again.

Still looking for ways to distribute the gifts so I will keep everyone up to speed as it gets sorted out.

Thanks and talk to everyone soon!