Volunteer - Mar 2nd - Noon to 5pm

Rebuild Seaside - Volunteer Day

Come join us as we help clean up and prepare for the St Patty Day Parade the following week. We will help the city in various clean and preparation tasks as well as assist any home owner that we come across. Tasks will be general in nature and does not require any specific skill to perform. 

You can sign up for this volunteer effort here: http://rebuildseaside.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=2068

'I helped' shirts will be on sale for a $5 donation to offset costs associated with this effort. It is completely optional and sandwiches, drinks and snacks will be provided, but your donation is appreciated, if possible.

A few assistants will be meeting us by 11AM but our day will begin at NOON as we assign tasks on a first-come basis. If you are planning on bringing someone, please fill out the above form for them as well so we have an accurate count of who will be coming. If you plan on bringing a child with you, please note that while none of the work will be dangerous, you will be walking and performing general light labor. It will be your responsibility to monitor your child throughout the day.

I hope to see you all there!